Blizzard 1230-III Manual

The Blizzard 1230-III is a turbo board for the Amiga 1200 computer. It is equipped with either a Motoriola 68EC030 clocked at 40 MHz or with a Motorola 68030 clocked at 50 MHz. It was manufactured and sold by the German company phase 5 digital products, whose web site is no longer up. Therefore, it is difficult to find support for this card. As an owner of a Blizzard 1230, I have been asked for a copy of the manual. Since there might be others in need of this manual, I scanned it and created this page. Enjoy!

The manual is provied as a series of TIFF-images. Each was scanned 300 dpi and is about 700 KB in size.

You can also download a ZIP-file (580 KB) containing all five images.

Note: I do not own the SCSI expansion module that was available for the Blizzard, so don't ask me about it.

Legal note: This manual is copyright 1994 by phase 5 digital products. It is provided here for non-commercial purposes only.

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